• Brad Giroux

Why would anyone in their right mind start a Blog?

So full disclosure, I am not a writer. I am a former HD mech, who works in the oil sands, lives in Athabasca and loves to camp, fish and ski. This is more of a personal journal than anything else. In my past I have experienced some trauma (which may leak out from time to time) and I am hoping I can add this forum to my cache of coping skills. I don't really expect anyone to read this, so really its just for me. I was posting on FB, but lost my appetite when I say what it has become. After I was hacked the second time in a week, I gave FB a thirty day for not protecting my privacy and I haven't gone back. I don't think they miss me and that's ok. They have their 4-5 billion other users so I am told. While I was on FB, my son and detailed some of our travels over the winter. One thing we were permitted to do was ski. We visited 8 different hills together (some of them multiple times) and I documented a bunch of those trips. Some of the hills I hadn't been to in thirty years so it was pretty cool to see how they had changed. Long story short, we gave a short note on hill conditions, how busy it was and the most important factor, how their french fries tasted. Now you are probably asking, "why french fries"? Well I am not especially cultured and being a slightly overweight middle aged man, I like french fries. as I am quite sure a lot of people do. Almost every resort sells fries and what better way to grade them but on something most people like(and can afford).

Several times I would happen to meet someone I knew (at the post office or grocery store) and often the comment I got back was "it is so nice following you on your trips", to which I thought to myself, I had no idea you were interested. So to that end, I am going to give this a shot, see what happens and maybe, just maybe, someone might read it.

My son and I have been out fishing to a few of the local lake (sad to say, none of them have french fries), but I will upload some of the pictures from those trips. My plan is to head out in early July and do some fishing, camping and visiting with some of my many cousins. As campground spots are as scarce as hens teeth, I will be probably moochdocking through most of the trip. I will attempt to capture some of those adventures here (and some of my colorful relatives). I am calling it the relativity tour 2021 because I think it is a catchy name (and I have already ordered the t shirts.... more to come). If you read this, thank you.


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