For 60 years Alberta has been the driving economic force of Canada sending approximately 300 Billion dollars to the federal government and receiving only a small fraction of that in transfer returns.

Alberta politicians, here and in Ottawa, have always been full of promises, never realized. We remain, after 115 years, a convenient cash cow outpost overlooked by Ottawa except for what we can provide to support the country. Given Canada’s electoral reality, that the number of federal MP seats held by Alberta is only a tiny fraction (shockingly, only 34/338 – 10%, barely a rounding error) of the total seats in the country, 70% held by the ‘have not’ Eastern provinces, it is no wonder Alberta is forgotten by our elected federal politicians the moment they settle into their Parliamentary seats. These Eastern provinces receive the bulk of all Equalization funding and present an insurmountable obstacle to any positive political and economic change for Alberta. There is no value to Alberta seats in Ottawa so why would any federal politician fight to preserve them?

We now find ourselves stuck with a provincial and federal government whose economic, and social, values are foreign to us. We are surrounded by hostility from our provincial partners from coast to coast. It was bound to happen again, as it did in 1980, that another Liberal federal government would come along that would seek to take control of our resources. Last time it was to steal the money flowing from them for Ottawa; this time it is to totally shut down and destroy our Alberta resource economy. It is not a coincidence that both events have been orchestrated by a Trudeau government.

The time is NOW for the Alberta People to take charge of their future and insure their dreams can be realized, never again having to look over our shoulder in fear of what a government 3500 kms away, or even next door, will do to destroy that dream. Let’s finally make our wonderful province and its great people, significant, independent, strong and free.

Please elect me as an Independent Candidate in this Election who can, and will, truly represent you, and only you, in the Alberta legislature. My aims are simple and clear ~ fighting for Alberta Independence.


                 I am running as Independent Candidates on these four principles:

        1)To build support for and to sponsor a Referendum for Alberta Independence.

        2)To return our province from Party politics to People politics, where legislation closely aligns with the will of the   People. I believe in Direct Democracy to the extent that is reasonable and possible. I am committed to meaningful and verifiable accountability to voters, citizens and taxpayers.

       3)To pass legislation that will institute the principles of Initiative, Referendum and Recall.

       4)To work towards an immediate end to Equalization and the Redistribution of Alberta taxes.

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