New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

To make a difference in the political cycle and help inform voters. That is why Brad has planned to run in the 2019 Alberta Provincial Election in the riding of Athabasca – Westlock – Barrhead.  His hope is that the trend of negative voting, that is voting out who you don’t want, can be changed. As we learned in the 2015 elections (provincial and federal) huge vote swings happen when disgruntled voters rail against the incumbents. He hopes that every voter will take the time to find out more about those wishing to represent them, what makes them tick and what the platforms are. If every voter spent the time informing themselves, much better representation will be the result.

Involved in provincial politics right out of high school in 1986, Brad help Nancy MacBeth (Betkowski at the time) win the Progressive Conservative nomination in Edmonton – Glenora. It was a hotly contested event with Alderman Lance White but Macbeth won and eventually entered the legislature as part of Don Getty’s government.  Brad was part of the small but vocal team of youth supporting Macbeth as part of that winning team.

Brad engaged in politics to a lesser degree in the 80’s and 90’s with helping run the executive of his rugby team as social director to being co-chair and then chair of the annual Rugbyfest tournament held in Edmonton every May long weekend. Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s Brad worked on developing his career and was a small business owner, franchise owner and instructor at NAIT. In 2006 Brad made his way to Fort Murray to further ply his trade (HET) with Syncrude Canada Limited Where he continues to work today.

From early on, Brad has always been dedicated and committed. This is clearly shown through his work history. From retail sales, laborer, warehousing, shipping, receiving, sandblasting & painting, groundskeeper, courier, heavy equipment technician, instructor/trainer and leader. In addition to receiving journeyman status for his Heavy Equipment Technician provincial designation, Brad has achieved his Interprovincial (Red Seal) and Competencies in Business (Blue Seal). As a lifelong learner, Brad recently completed his journey to gain his MMP designation (Maintenance Manager Professional) and he continues to push his educational horizon.

The current political climate has spurred Brad to get involved and to actually “get in the game” and work to effect a positive change in our province. Because of the limitations of party politics and the demonstrated failures of both the NDP and the PC (now UCP), there is no chance within their frameworks to provide proper representation of the constituents. Most ridings will have to realize that unless their candidate is a cabinet minister (and even then) they will be subject to the Premier’s or leader’s direction, the Alberta Freedom Alliance is the only choice to banish party politics to the wastebasket where it belongs. The four pillars of the AFA platform are:

1. To build support for and to sponsor a Referendum for Alberta Independence.
2. To return our province from Party politics to People politics, where legislation closely aligns with the will of the People. The Alberta Freedom Alliance believes in Direct Democracy to the extent that is reasonable and possible. We are committed to meaningful and verifiable accountability to Party members, voters, citizens and taxpayers.
3. To pass legislation that will institute the principles of Initiative, Referendum and Recall.
4. To work towards an immediate end to Equalization and the Redistribution of Alberta taxes.

Brad has lived in Athabasca with his wife Melanie, daughter Stephanie, son Johnathan and their two dogs for 12 years.


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